Volcano In Iceland ?

By | July 31, 2018

hello friends today we are talk about interesting facts about Volcano.its effects,volcanoes gases and many more here is same facts about volcano.

Hot magma, famous eruptions, volcanoes on other planets, volcanic gases, flowing lava and more. Enjoy our wide range of strange and interesting facts about volcanoes.- volcanoes are openings in the earth’s surface. When they are active they can let ash, gas and hot magma escape in sometimes violent and spectacular eruptions.The word volcano originally comes from the name of the roman god of fire, Vulcan.

Volcanoes are usually located where tectonic where tectonic plates meet. this is especially true for the pacific ring of fire, an area around the pacific ocean where over 75% of the volcanoes on earth are found.While most volcanoes from near tectonic boundaries, they can also from in areas that contain abnormally hot rock inside the   Knows as mantle plumes, these hotspot are found at a number of location around the globe with the most no-table being in Hawaii.

Hot liquid rock under the earth surface is know as magma, it is called lava after it comes out of a volcano.

Some famous volcanic eruptions of modern times include mount karka-toa in 1883, novarupta in 1912, mount st Helens in 1980 and mt Pinatubo in 1991.

While we certainly have some big volcanoes here on earth, the biggest know volcano in our solar system is actually on mars. Its name is Olympus moons and it measures a whoop-ing 600km(373 miles) wide and 21km (13miles) high.

The object with the most volcanic activity in our solar system is lo, one of Jupiter’s moons. Convert in volcanoes, its surface is constantly changing of the large amount of volcanic activity.

Most people think of volcanoes as large cone shaped mountains but that is just one type, other feature wide plates, fissure vents (cracks were lava emerges ) and blogging dome shapes.

There are also volcanoes found on the ocean floor and even under icecaps, such as those found in Iceland.

Volcanoes can be active (regular activity), dormant (recent historical activity but now quiet) or extint (no activity in historical times and unlikely to describe volcanoes by characteristics such a how they formed, how they erupt and what their shapes is.

Common volcanic gases include water vapour, carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide, hydrogen chloride , hydrogen fluoride and hydrogen sulfide .Volcanic eruptions can send ash high into the air, over 30km(17miles) above the earth’s surface.

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