Top 5 Best Educational App For Android That You Can Download on play store.

By | June 27, 2018


Smart phones ,tablets and pc are the most useful devices for the students by watching videos on youtube. But there are some educational apps which are useful for studing  easily

Here I’gonna show you some best and most usable educational App for android that you can download from playstore or internet


1.BYJU’s- The learning App

This App serves educational contents mainly for school student that includes primary level to higher secondary level’s student. This App is mainly help in science and mathematics which are visually explain by animation and short videos. From the report BYJU’s have about 15 million users and about 9 lakh subscribers.

2.Khan Academy    

Khan Academy App is also one of the best App that you can download on app store or playstore . This App is used for primary to higher secondary’s students and it is also useful for those students whose are studying in computer science, computer programming, Arts and humanities, economics and finance. By this App students are learn by complete assigned videos, articles and exercise. In this App once you download content then you can learn when you are offline.


It is the most useful App in the playstore. With this App millions of people are join and getting smarter day by day. This is the best App to explore or enhance your knowledge using this App. Curiosity App allows you to read, explore and watch videos on different topics. So you can download it fast from playstore.

4.Unacademy learning App

Unacademy App is provide online education platform in which includes videos to teach various subject, articles etc. This app was 1 million time downloaded on playstore and it’s rating is 4.8 star out of 5 star.

5.Edusafar App

Edusafar App is one type of messenger App which is regular notify you about the updated knowledge and educational techniques and tips. You can see this App in Gujarati language online and offline both way. This App is full filled with all tyes of knowledge like educational, jobs news, general knowledge technology etc.

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