Instagram Launched New Feature: IGTV

By | July 1, 2018

Instagram launched new feature: IGTV

In this competitive world, we know that daily a number of things are launch which includes new gadgets, mobile, computers, new technology and some new app or software that can be use in mobiles and computer. Here, we talking about video watching apps which are used by people in their smartphones.

We know that we have a multiple choice of video watching source on internet like youtube, snapchat etc. but here we talking about newly launched instagram IGTV app. Instagram is a photo and video sharing social media which is owned by facebook. Some days ago, instagram launched a new app that is IGTV app. This IGTV app allows user to upload and watch video for a long-hour and in vertical form.

What is IGTV ? which facilities are including in IGTV app ?

Instagram launched a new feature in instagram app or standalone app that is know as IGTV. This IGTV app is provide a new features for watching videos like full screen, long time, and vertical videos created
 by your favourite instagram creator or you following. In IGTV app you can see four different categories for the videos which is For You, Following, Popular and Continue Watching. Also you can search videos of your favourite instagram creator or you most like.
Once, you start to watch a video you can watch that video up to an hour. Also you can upload your videos up to 1 hour in duration on IGTV in vertical format.
IGTV has a channel like other TVs but here in IGTV the creators are the channels. When you follow any person or anyone on instagram, him/her IGTV channel you can see. Anyone can create a channel and upload their videos on IGTV app.

How we can use IGTV ?

IGTV is available in your instagram app or it is also available as a standalone app. You can download IGTV app on your android device as well as iOS.
You can use IGTV in your instagram app which is located on right corner of your instagram home page which is seen like TV icon, go there and tap this icon and enjoy IGTV.

Can we see any types of ads on IGTV?

No. IGTV is free from any types of ads that you could see in ot
her video watching app. It means while you watching videos on IGTV you will not disturbing by any ads. You can enjoy videos till the end without any disturbing.

Is it different from other video watching app?

Yes, of course. It is different from other video watching app. In this app we can see a lots of channel but these channel are nothing but these are creators. Other app provide only horizontal view for watching videos on full screen but IGTV provide you vertical view of videos.

Can we create our channel on IGTV?

Yes, of course. You can create your own channel on IGTV. If you want to create your channel on IGTV, go to your profile and select create channel and follow the on-screen instruction. If you want to share your IGTV videos on your facebook page you can do it too. So, your facebook friends are also watch your IGTV videos.
In short, we can say that the IGTV is an app in which we can watch or upload a long-form vertical videos on IGTV.


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